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Corporate Office


President - CEO
Lou Tucci
Email: poscomputercorp@aol.com

Phone: 972-335-7200
Fax: 972-335-7228


POS Computer Corp.
3899 W. Crescent Way
Frisco, Texas 75034-6345

Sales Office

Our sales, services and support staff are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the utmost quality of expertise in their respective fields.  They provide the integral and professional relationship that is easy to do business with. Clear, concise and here to support your business needs, POS Computer Corp. goes above and beyond, delivering proficient knowledgeable assistance. Call us today!

Director of Sales
Daniel R. Bailey
Email: dan@poscomputercorp.com
Phone: 469-293-2936
Fax: 972-335-7228
Cell: 214-418-3919

National Account Manager
Jeff Coe
Email: jcoe@poscomputercorp.com
Phone: 630-963-3546
Fax: 972-335-7228

National Account Manager
John Ventry
Email: jventry@poscomputercorp.com
Phone: 205-222-7784
Fax: 972-335-7228

Joe Pedroza
Email: jpedroza@poscomputercorp.com 

Phone: 214-315-7122
Fax: 972-335-7228

National Account Manager
Tom Karl
Email: tkarl@poscomputercorp.com 

Phone: 573-239-7019
Fax: 972-335-7228






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