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POS Computer Corp. is looking for Account Managers to sell products and services.

POS Computer Corp. was founded in 2000 by Lou Tucci.  Lou has a long and illustrious career in Information Processing.  He has worked for Xerox, Savin, Unisys (formerly Burroughs) Corp. and GE.  He has been an owner of a ComputerLand franchise and for over a decade now, President and CEO of POS Computer Corp. 

In line with the company's growth and diversification, Lou has decided that he wants to head a company of business owners!  A company where every “employee,” has a stake in their own and the company’s future; a place where you are limited only by your own enthusiasm, imagination, ingenuity and desire to achieve whatever measure of success you want. 

This is the place!  This is the time!

We are looking for men and women, professionals from all walks of business that understand what it is to grow an account, build business partnerships, and sell, sell, sell. With a well defined infrastructure for success, POS Computer Corp. will ensure that you have all the necessary tools, techniques and training necessary to infiltrate corporate accounts. Leave the administrative, marketing, and order processing to others and focus on what you do best...sell! Then we take a purchase order, put the order through our system, ship, track, bill, account for and collect it! 



These sales positions are for individuals who like managing their own time and can work well in a multi-task environment. Even people who found themselves pushed out of a position in downsizing or reorganization at their former employ.  These highly skilled and experienced people are now faced with finding new or alternative employment in a down economy. If you have a good sales record...call us!

We are looking for both part-time and full time sales teams.  We provide the structure for you to break out and work for yourself with no financial risk. As a POS Computer Corp. employee and business owner you will make 40% of the Gross Margin on all sales for products and services.  Commissions are paid 15 days after the close of the month on all sales invoiced. We do this with independent financing.  We pay taxes, insurance and track earnings and provide you with a 1099 at the end of the year.  You track your expenses and pay your own personal income tax. 

We have informal and formal training programs for process, products and services.  We provide the environment for seasoned, tenured sales people to do what they do best --- SELL! 

Call us today and discuss your future!

Lou Tucci

President - CEO



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