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Go Green and Save...

Bring Green into your office scheme.  Serving our clients has always been our number #1 goal. In today’s society realizing and limiting how we are affecting the environment has become #2.  A good start, like most companies we began with recycling consumables, using recycled goods, and installed energy efficient light bulbs. Remember, an environmentally friendly business can receive tax breaks, gain notoriety and publicity with civic leaders, business-to-business partners and widely impact corporate projections by saving you recognized revenue you can then spend on other needs.

Allow us to perform a FREE assessment and discover how you can save real $$ adding to your bottom line!

POS Computer Corp. is proud to partner with Tripp Lite and Xerox as two major vendors whose products are designed to save the planet and save you money. Let POS Computer Corp. introduce you to a Tripp Lite and Xerox team member for a free analysis of not only dollars to be saved but technology that moves your company forward and creates a true impact on your Green initiative.

Save Energy & Lower Utility Bills - Part of the electricity used by any UPS system, (uninterruptible power source), is wasted as radiated heat before it reaches your equipment. Tripp Lite technology wastes less electricity than standard UPS systems. With special energy-saving outlets, with up to 99% efficiency, Tripp Lite can lower your utility bills and shrink your carbon footprint.

Protect Computers & Electronics - Designed for home and office applications, Tipp Lite protects your computer, electronics and other equipment from downtime, damage and data loss caused by power problems, including blackouts, abnormal voltages, surges and line noise. Reliable battery backup power keeps computers operating safely through shorter blackouts and allows enough time to save files and shut down computers during longer outages. Free PowerAlert software* saves open files automatically on unattended computers. Trip Lite technology is also compatible with the built-in power management features of Windows®, Mac OS® X and Linux®. Surge-blocking RJ11 phone jacks protect telephones, fax machines, analog modems, DSL modems and other communications equipment.

Save Money & Save the Planet - For decades, Xerox has helped large enterprises identify waste and reduce costs in their print environments. Now, Xerox offers that same expertise in managed print services to small and medium businesses. By limiting waste in terms of consumables Xerox technology shows its focus on Environmental sustainability. Please call or write today for a free analysis of savings and green technology upgrades.

Manages Print Services - If you are like most companies, you are looking for ways to cut costs. But most companies don’t know they spend about 3 percent of revenues on running their print, copy, scan and fax assets.  Xerox Managed Print Services can reduce your print and copy costs by as much as 30 percent, while improving your overall productivity.

    Consume Less Energy

    Reduce Waste

    Lower ink, toner, and page costs

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words - Solid ink technology is a great choice for environmental printing. It uses fewer material resources and less energy across the product lifecycle, from manufacturing to transport to end of life.

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