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POS Computer Corp. is a virtual company that provides its customers with all the value and services of a brick and mortar reseller without the added cost of building, fixtures, equipment and furniture. As a virtual company we spend our time focusing on our customers and vendors providing POS solutions.

POS Computer Corp. was founded in 1999 with the desire to define a vision.  That vision would provide our customers and vendors with outstanding customer service expertise, professional and innovative, functional and cost-efficient solutions.  We have achieved that vision and we continue to develop partnerships   with   each   of  our  select  group   of  clients, customizing programs to meet their specific objectives.  Our Executive Team has over thirty five years of experience in the Information Technology Industry.  We have spent more than twenty of those years in direct marketing and selling of PC equipment and peripherals.

For the past thirty years we have cultivated strong and loyal relationships with Vendors, Manufacturers, Distributors, VARs, and other Reseller Organizations. Our fundamental network of providers enables us to provide you with the best sales and service team available in the industry today.  We provide outstanding creative excellence, helping you to attain your goals and meeting your POS needs.

At POS Computer Corp. we recognize the need for complete personalized support and work hard to provide unsurpassed customer service and response to our valued clients.  Our philosophy is simple, “If it is right for the customer, then it is right for POS Computer Corp.”

Try us!  I invite you to give us a call and give us an opportunity to engage you with your next project.

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