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the very best services and support available.  Most organizations try to provide a plethora of services based on a specific expertise.  They branch out and try to provide additional services that stretch the limits and abilities of their employees.  This creates confusion, stress and job dissatisfaction!  POS Computer Corp. believes there is a better way.  By establishing contractual Partner Relationships with other organizations and manufacturers we have been able to utilize the best organization for your particular task.  However, rather than have the client spend the time and resources evaluating multiple companies to find the right one for a specific job, we do it for you, and project manage the entire engagement.

POS Computer Corp. has outstanding relationships and long term experience so we can provide you with the following services:

    Project Management

    National Product Rollout

    Warehouse and Inventory Support

    Custom Hardware Configuration

    Supplies Procurement

    Unique Delivery Options

    Installation Services


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