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Director of Sales, Daniel Bailey says a few words about POS Computer Corp's culture and history.

Below are a few comments from some of our larger customers where we have provided product, services and implementation of an array of products.



ACE Cash Express partnered with POS Computer Corp. to provide products to over 1800 Corporate and Franchise locations throughout the United States over a six year period.  POS supplied all products, cash drawers, receipt printers, laser printers monitors, cables and select supply items for our implementation.  ACE Cash Express provided all systems and propriety software.  POS Computer Corp. provided over $4 Million in products. 

Due to our relationship with POS Computer Corp. we contracted with them for an initial rollout of Pin Pads in over 1400 locations.  POS Computer Corp. provided the product and Project Management to order, deliver and install all locations on a very tight schedule.  The contract was a success and we went on to contract additional projects.

In the past 4 years ACE Cash Express embarked on a series of acquisitions to increase our presence and grow our business.  ACE Cash Express contracted with POS Computer Corp. to provide product and installation support for all our acquisitions from 2005 through 2008.  During that time we rolled out and installed over 700 acquisition locations.  The greatest accomplishment was installing 150 locations with 2 to 4 systems per location in six cities in California in a two day period.  POS Computer Corp. ordered, configured, staged, transferred and stored all the product.  On schedule, they had teams deliver and install the product starting on a Friday night at 6:00 pm and completed the task 12 hours ahead of schedule in all 150 locations.  All locations were up and running ready for business by 6:00 am Monday morning.  A tremendous task executed with professionalism and competency.  We had some glitches during the installation with DOA product but POS had spares on site in each city with several, “runners,” in vans to shuttle additional product where it was needed. 

POS Computer Corp. was a valued partner and vendor during my tenure with ACE Cash Express.  I recommend them to any organization that needs a partner to roll out new or retrofit systems to multiple locations on time and on budget!

Quentin Daniels
Director Information Technology



Fellowship Technologies

Fellowship One is a web-based system that allows a church of any size, from new church plants to multi-site mega churches, to be more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration, and to engage the community. Fellowship One provides a unique 360-degree, single view of the families in your church, their involvement and their needs so that you can personalize their care.

As a software provider we needed a hardware partner to effectively order, deliver and, if needed, install the products necessary to run our software. Our customers can buy hardware from anyone they choose. However, they soon found that not all vendors were created equal and many could not support the products they bought.

POS Computer Corp. engaged us with a plan to provide hardware to our customers and support for them after the initial purchase. POS Computer Corp. has provided hardware and support to over 2,000 churches in the past five years. They are a valued partner and have provided superior sales and service to our customers

Curtis Simmons
Vice President
Fellowship Technologies, part of Active Network



POS Computer Corp. teamed up with GameStop to refresh and roll out new POS systems and peripherals to 1500 locations.  Together the products were approved, tested and a schedule was planned. 

The upgrades were installed over a six month period by District.  POS Computer Corp. contracted with GameStop and NCR to provide field installation support.  POS Computer Corp. provided the products, plan and project management for the implementation.

POS Computer Corp. ordered the product, staged, configured and loaded software at a local warehouse and delivered the product to each location ready for install.  NCR provided the technicians and installation expertise to complete the task.

With a 99% success rate, all products were installed, tested and put into operation on time and on budget.  Except for a few DOA’s which were handled efficiently we had no significant problems.

 POS Computer Corp. is a valued partner and provider for GameStop.

Gary Brimer
Help Desk Manager



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