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Renovation: change the tiling in your space

Do you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, but your finances do not allow it?  Start with a low-budget renovation of your bathroom, changing your old-fashioned broken tiles yourself, and renew your daily life! In the market now there are tiles in many different dimensions and in countless colors and designs.  You start of course with the dismantling of the old layer of tiles!  Then be sure to clean the surface thoroughly.  In case it has many imperfections or holes you will need to plaster it to level it. Before laying your new tiles, it is advisable to seal the substrate with a spreadable sealant suitable for application under tiles (eg ISOMAT SL 17) to avoid future moisture problems, which may lead to in the appearance of mold or even detachment of tiles. Once the waterproofing layer is dry, proceed with the bonding with ISOMAT AK 22, a strong, flexible adhesive with moisture resistance.  For proper preparation, strictly follow the instructions on the package. Start gluing t

Advantages and disadvantages of measures to protect the floor sanding

The wood that makes up the parquet must be properly protected, otherwise it will lose its charm and deteriorate.  Fortunately, numerous modern measures allow you to take care of it and provide it with proper protection.  Using a good preparation will provide a protective layer against both water and the plain against the deterioration of the wood preservatives.  There are many preparations for protecting the floor, including the most popular ones: wax, oils, varnish, stain.  Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to match them well with the type of wood that covers the floor sanding . Staining is a frequently chosen method of floor protection.  Stain is nothing but an impregnation that protects and at the same time colors the wood.  Thanks to it, the natural color of the wood is brought out and at the same time the visible rings are not covered.  It is intended primarily for indoor flats.  This is due not only to the aesthetic value it gives the wood, but als

Best Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings In Low Cost

The term “solitaire” is used when a single diamond or stone is placed on a piece of jewelry, whether it is earrings  engagement rings , a pendant or an engagement ring.  An engagement ring will therefore be adorned with a single main diamond.  The term “solitaire” does not correspond to the shape of the diamond.  A  solitaire diamond engagement ring  is therefore simply an  engagement ring  adorned with a single stone. All gemologists agree that the cut of a diamond is the key element having the most impact on its brilliance. A diamond cut in the right proportions is brighter than a less well cut diamond.  Even if a diamond has good quality and a beautiful color, if it is poorly cut, it will lose a lot in appearance.  The cut does not represent the shape of the diamond, but the combination of its proportions, its symmetry and its polish. The most popular style of engagement ring varies greatly depending on the shape of the diamond.  Here are some of the most popular engagement rings of

Small repair of metal Roof restoration private house

Improper use of the roof in winter, making mistakes when installing the roofing or natural aging of the material - the reasons for repairing a metal roofing are different.  Despite their enviable strength, metal sheets, along with other coatings, need periodic inspection and annual restoration. Disaster recovery For emergency restoration of a Roof restoration made of metal tiles, they suddenly find out that rain or melt water has begun to seep into the layers of the roofing cake.  Most often, the problem appears due to improper installation of the material. A common reason for a metal tile roof leak is the use of low-quality self-tapping screws.  They loosen quickly, thereby allowing water to flow under the final roofing through the mounting holes. Small holes in the roof made of metal tiles are evidenced by leaks that are visible from the attic.Once I had to see an 11 cm hole on my metal roof.Then a thorough examination showed that the hole was caused by overly intensive cleaning of