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Advantages and disadvantages of measures to protect the floor sanding

The wood that makes up the parquet must be properly protected, otherwise it will lose its charm and deteriorate. Fortunately, numerous modern measures allow you to take care of it and provide it with proper protection. Using a good preparation will provide a protective layer against both water and the plain against the deterioration of the wood preservatives. There are many preparations for protecting the floor, including the most popular ones: wax, oils, varnish, stain. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to match them well with the type of wood that covers the floor sanding.

The wood that makes up the parquet must be properly protected, otherwise it will lose its charm and deteriorate

Staining is a frequently chosen method of floor protection. Stain is nothing but an impregnation that protects and at the same time colors the wood. Thanks to it, the natural color of the wood is brought out and at the same time the visible rings are not covered. It is intended primarily for indoor flats. This is due not only to the aesthetic value it gives the wood, but also to a minor defect associated with staining. Well, it is an impregnation that has much lower protective properties than the other specifics. For this reason, it is suitable for places that are less frequented, but above all not exposed to changing weather conditions.

Another specificity for securing the floor sanding is varnish. Thanks to it, a gloss is obtained on the floor, although it is not the only option when varnishing. Currently, there are either matt or satin varnish versions. The advantage of varnishing is creating a very good protective layer that protects against: UV radiation, scratches, mechanical damage to which the parquet is exposed. In addition, the varnished floor is not difficult to care for and can be successfully washed with water, because thanks to the varnished coating, water does not penetrate deep into the wood. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of painting. First of all, the varnished floor does not breathe, which is not good for wood, and any scratches are more visible.

The wood that makes up the parquet must be properly protected, otherwise it will lose its charm and deteriorate

If you decide to use hair oiling, you mainly achieve an amazing effect with a touch of elegance. Using oil, you can emphasize the grain and color of the wood without disturbing its appearance. Unlike a lacquered floor, an oiled floor sanding still breathes. The disadvantage of using oil, however, is the lack of proper protection. This is due to the fact that the oil does not form an outer layer, but penetrates deep into the wood. This makes the floor not resistant to external injuries, scratches and damage resulting from accidental flooding. This means that its wear will be greater and the maintenance will be much more time-consuming than, for example, with a varnished floor.

The last way to protect the floor is to wax it. Both natural and synthetic waxes are used for this. With the help of wax, it not only brings out the natural color of the wood, but floor sanding also does not block its natural heat and surface, it does not seem artificial, as with varnishing. The disadvantage, however, is that the wax rubs off, which requires frequent renovation of the floor.


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