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Best Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings In Low Cost

The term “solitaire” is used when a single diamond or stone is placed on a piece of jewelry, whether it is earrings engagement rings, a pendant or an engagement ring. An engagement ring will therefore be adorned with a single main diamond. The term “solitaire” does not correspond to the shape of the diamond. solitaire diamond engagement ring is therefore simply an engagement ring adorned with a single stone.All gemologists agree that the cut of a diamond is the key element having the most impact on its brilliance.

A diamond cut in the right proportions is brighter than a less well cut diamond. Even if a diamond has good quality and a beautiful color, if it is poorly cut, it will lose a lot in appearance. The cut does not represent the shape of the diamond, but the combination of its proportions, its symmetry and its polish.The most popular style of engagement ring varies greatly depending on the shape of the diamond. Here are some of the most popular engagement rings offered at Joaillerie St-Onge depending on the shape of the diamond :


This style of engagement ring is adorned with a round brilliant cut diamond, the most demanded diamond in engagement ringsSleek and distinguished, the simple setting showcases the natural beauty and brilliance of the diamond. A brilliant round diamond possesses unparalleled brilliance and sparkle when properly cut. If you are looking for a diamond with exceptional fire and brilliance, but your budget is more limited, the round brilliant cut may enhance a poorer color, as long as the diamond has a very good cut, a very good polish and very good symmetry (which is not the case with a fancy cut diamond).


The cushion diamond is square style with rounded corners. Designed over 200 years ago, the cushion diamond is sophisticated and timeless. If you are looking for a solitaire diamond engagement ring with an elegant style, then the cushion diamond is a go-to choice.


Another square shape in demand in engagement rings is the princess cut diamond. Created in the 1980s, this cut is made to obtain maximum brilliance from the diamond. Featuring straight sides and uncut pointed corners, the princess cut keeps waste to a minimum, giving you more shine for your money. The princess cut combines the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond and the elegance of the emerald cut.


This style of solitaire engagement ring, derived from the round diamond but more elongated, gives it a similar sparkle and fire. Very popular since its inception in the 1960s, this cut combines the brilliance of a round diamond with a more flattering shape for little hands. Not going unnoticed, oval cut diamonds appear larger compared to other similar cuts of the same weight.


For this style of engagement ring, the stone has rectangular facets and cropped corners. Originally designed to showcase the purity as well as the inner light and shadow of colored stones, the emerald cut gives the ring an elegance and a classic look. Diffusing less fire, its dramatic bursts of light give the emerald cut an elegant charm.


The solitaire diamond engagement ring is classic, carrying an emotional message and a proof of commitment. No other style of ring brings out the beauty of the center diamond so much. The settings of solitaire diamond engagement rings fall under the prong setting category. The claws are small metal rods used to hold the diamond in place. This type of setting gives the diamond maximum light, thus highlighting all its fire and brilliance.


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