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Renovation: change the tiling in your space

Do you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, but your finances do not allow it? Start with a low-budget renovation of your bathroom, changing your old-fashioned broken tiles yourself, and renew your daily life!
In the market now there are tiles in many different dimensions and in countless colors and designs. You start of course with the dismantling of the old layer of tiles! Then be sure to clean the surface thoroughly. In case it has many imperfections or holes you will need to plaster it to level it.
Do you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, but your finances do not allow it?  Start with a low-budget renovation of your bathroom,

Before laying your new tiles, it is advisable to seal the substrate with a spreadable sealant suitable for application under tiles (eg ISOMAT SL 17) to avoid future moisture problems, which may lead to in the appearance of mold or even detachment of tiles.Once the waterproofing layer is dry, proceed with the bonding with ISOMAT AK 22, a strong, flexible adhesive with moisture resistance. For proper preparation, strictly follow the instructions on the package.

Start gluing the tiling from the bottom up, leaving, with the help of a guide, a distance from the floor 5-6 mm greater than the thickness of the floor tile. In case the tiles reach the ceiling, start their installation with a cut tile and finish on the roof with a full tile, in order to achieve the optimal aesthetic result.

"Comb" the glue with the serrated spatula and place the tiles by pressing lightly. Keep constant distances between the tiles, using plastic grouting crosses, to ensure joints of even width. With a rubber mallet (mallet) and a spirit level you can achieve the flatness of the new surface. Continue in the same way until the entire surface is covered. Finally, thoroughly clean any glue that may have overflowed from the tile joints.First remove the guide that you previously placed around the perimeter. Start at the point where you plan to place whole tiles and leave the tiles to be cut, for the end. At the floor-to-wall junction, make sure that the vertical joints of the tiles coincide with the horizontal ones, where possible.
Do you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, but your finances do not allow it?  Start with a low-budget renovation of your bathroom,

The tiles should not rest on the wall (to create expansion joints) and before installing them, we place the grouting crosses.Continue the exact same procedure that you followed for gluing the tiles to the wall.You can proceed with the grouting 24 hours after gluing the tiling Carefully remove the crosses and thoroughly clean the joints. Wet the surface lightly with a sponge so that no water remains.Depending on the width of the joint, select the ideal type of colored MULTIFILL grout. To prepare the grout, strictly follow the instructions on the package.

The application of the grout is done first on the wall and then on the floor, with a rubber spatula and with movements diagonal to the joints. Fill the joints adequately, repeating the diagonal movement in all directions.Once the grout starts to "pull", clean the surface with a sponge, slightly dampened, so that no salts appear on the joint when it dries.To make the final finish, thoroughly clean the tiling and joints again with a lightly damp cloth. The filling of the joint at the floor-to-wall joint follows, with the special colored MULTIFILL ELASTIC mastic in one of the 7 shades available. Grind it with your finger and… YOU ARE READY


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