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History For Motorbike Spares And Origin Of Bikes

Surely many motorbike spares of you know these vehicles, but what you may not know is the origin of pit bikes . Today we want from Racing to tell you a little about Pit Bikes. A model that is becoming more and more popular, due in large part to the fact that they are more comfortable than a mini bike due to their greater size and height.

motorbike spares

Origin of Pit Bikes

The first of these midi-sized motorcycles date back to the 1950s and were used as a vehicle to move around the Pit Lane on racing circuits. It is for this circumstance that the name of Pit Bikes is taken. In principle, they were homemade and there were no brands. It was not until the late 1960s that Honda launched the Monkey and Dax, forerunners of Pit Bikes.

Later and with the purpose motorbike spares of the use and enjoyment of children, Honda brings out the crf50 and xr50. The vast majority of current Pits are based on these models . The boom they have now begins the moment Honda's original patents expire, about the beginning of the 21st century.

Motorbike spares Pit Bikes

And after commenting on the origin of pit bikes , it is time to talk about the wide variety of models that we have at Motos Motorcycles of many styles, sizes and powers so that we can all enjoy these mini cross. Thus we can find models that vary in power, from the 50cc (50M-2) to the 250cc of the Roan Fire . Which can be automatic (Kid 90) , with gears (Story 140 YX) or semi-automatic (XR) .

motorbike spares

Even in the form of cooling motorbike spares there is a great variety of models. Since they can be both by air (AX) , as by water (50K) or oil (140 RN) .

These mini bikes can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h and can be used both on dirt tracks (pit cross) and on asphalt (mini scooter).

And once you know the motorbike spares origin of pit bikes a little more, do you dare to try them?


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