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How to turn on warm air on the air conditioning

Both ducted air conditioning and the Split system (or its multi split variant ) allow us to effectively air-condition a home or workspace, but both systems have important differences that distinguish them in their specific use.

It is evident that a single split unit will not serve to air-condition a house, so if we want to opt for this air-conditioning solution, we can install a multisplit , which covers all rooms by means of various split devices with the same characteristics. The great advantage of this system is that it allows us to air-condition the rooms we want using the same outdoor unit, which can be very economical.
Both ducted air conditioning and the Split system (or its multi split variant ) allow us to effectively air-condition a home or workspace

In the case of ducted air conditioning, we will have to face works to complete its installation, if we do not have a false ceiling in the house. In addition, we must take into account whether the home has the necessary requirements for its proper functioning. Of course, in return we will have a powerful and efficient installation, with an established air output power to meet our air conditioning needs.

Likewise, we must take into account the dimensions of the home or workspace that we want to refresh, since if we want to air-condition many spaces we will need numerous splits to achieve this. On the other hand, ducted air conditioning only requires an increase in power to be able to efficiently reach all rooms, even the most remote ones. We will also have to assess the electrical consumption of the various split units that we need to install and that work at the same time to air condition a large space.


One of the factors that most conditions our decision when deciding on an air conditioning system is the final aesthetics that the installation will have. Although we must take into account the general decoration of the house and our own aesthetic criteria, we cannot forget that ducted air conditioning means that only a small grille will be visible in each room. Instead, split fixtures will occupy a part of the wall.

In any case, it must be recognized that currently we can find split air conditioning units for sale with a modern and careful design, which can be perfectly adapted to many rooms. If we analyze the differences mentioned so far between Split and ducted air conditioning systems, we will realize that these are two equally efficient air conditioning options, but that they adapt to specific needs.

If we only intend to air-condition the living room of our house or the office of the office where we work, the installation of a Split air conditioner will be a perfectly valid option. And it is also a recommended system for those rooms or homes that we use in a specific way, and that we do not need to air-condition in a fixed way.
Both ducted air conditioning and the Split system (or its multi split variant ) allow us to effectively air-condition a home or workspace

In the case of houses or very large spaces through which we move continuously, ducted air conditioning will be a better option, both for the control of the installation and for its energy consumption. If the heating function does not work? We have decided how to turn on the LG air conditioner for heat. What if the function doesn't work? The answer is simple: the function has been incorrectly adjusted or there is a malfunction in the device itself.

You can turn on the inverter again and repeat all steps in the same sequence. If, after 10 minutes, the heat still does not go off, the air conditioning is broken. The most pressing reason for a device malfunction is a lack of freon necessary for the heating function to work. In this case, it is worth contacting a specialized company or calling the masters at home, especially if the split system is serviced.

There are situations when the air conditioner does not start due to an incompatible temperature required for its normal operation. To do this, it is worth using additional modifications that are offered by most manufacturers, then the system will be able to work from -30 to +30 degrees. In case of any breakdowns, you need to contact a specialized company; you cannot repair it yourself. Otherwise, the split system may completely fail, which will no longer be covered by the warranty.


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