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Wine Label Design: A History in Time

The history of wine labels is directly linked to the great variety of this drink, which in turn has always been influenced by the places of cultivation. This influence goes beyond the final characteristics of the product such as smell, taste and color, it also brings cultural and historical values ​​of its producers and consumers. It all started with the need for certain regions to visually highlight the difference of their wines. Exhibit values, through design, illustrations and colors that made their drinks unique and special. Obviously it is necessary to consider that this has also always been linked to commercial strategies that go from ancient Egypt to the present times. How it all started: The beginning of wine production The first signs of  wine labels  production date from 8000 BC to 4100 BC These indications include ancient wineries found in Armenia, grape residues in clay pots in Georgia. There are also traces of domestication of grapes in eastern From the Caucasus, the grap