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In order to both help the environment and reduce the price of energy bills at home, we recommend some guidelines to save solar energy. Performing proper and satisfactory use of electricity, gas and water is up to you if you follow these steps.

- Ensure the insulation of the holes in your home . If insulation cannot be guaranteed by materials such as PVC or double glazing, ensure that there is no thermal bridge through which air enters, to do this close the gap where the air enters from the inside.

- During the colder seasons, get benefits from the sun throughout the day by opening the blinds and curtains and at night, do the reverse process to maintain that solar energy. On the other hand, during the hottest seasons, the exercise is the same, but in reverse, it protects your home during the day and allows the energy to be released during the night, when the temperatures are lower.

- It is necessary to maintain a temperature between 20 degrees during the coldest seasons and over 25 degrees during the hottest .

- It is recommended, when drying wet garments, instead of placing them on the radiator, place them on a piece of furniture close to it.

- Keep the windows closed when activating the air conditioning.

- Appliances that are at least class A are highly recommended. As a direct example, a class A +++ refrigerator allows energy savings of 70% compared to a normal refrigerator.

- During the hottest seasons of the year, keep a refrigerator temperature lower than normal, while in the colder seasons, a higher temperature.

- Until they are complete, do not turn on a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer.

- As for the washing machine, it is best to use a temperature of 30 degrees, a short-term program and a spin below 800 revolutions.

- Using LED bulbs that despite being more expensive to obtain, these reduce the cost of light by 80% and are much more durable than conventional ones.

- When an electronic device is not in use, it is advisable to turn it off completely, since in the standby state it continues to consume.

- From time to time review the different offers offered by different solar energy companies. Sometimes it is better to switch to the ones that offer the best benefits. It is also possible to switch to a company that obtains energy from renewable sources.

- Low temperature or condensing boilers allow savings of 25%.

- It is better to open and close a tap than to leave it open while it is not being used.

- It is much better to take a shower, a bath is very inadvisable.

- A diffuser both in the shower and in the sinks allows you to save water since they provide the feeling that more water comes out and allows you to use less.

- During the hottest seasons, it is advisable to water the plants when there is no sun, thus avoiding evaporation.

By following these easy steps you can help the environment. It helps both the world and reduce your household bill . Get started with these solar energy tips and help both the world and the home.

Renewable energies have given us a wide range of news on how to consume electricity. Among these novelties is electricity self-consumption . The fact that the technologies that this self-consumption entails are increasingly affordable and easy to find has made it possible for there to be an exponential growth in their use. We cannot forget that the administrative procedures are less and less.

This change is taking place worldwide and more and more of us are opting for it, since it is not only on a large scale, that is, not only are large electricity generating and distribution companies joining, small ones are also joining consumers at the level of habitual and daily use. Self-consumption gives us the advantage of being able to generate our own solar energy, without having to depend on power plants that distribute it to our homes . We can therefore say that the main advantages are greater autonomy and a reduction in costs.

What is electrical self-consumption

We speak of electricity self - consumption when people or companies consume the energy that comes from production facilities close to and associated with those of consumption ( photovoltaic panels or generator , among others). The use of renewable solar energy, in addition to being beneficial to the environment, has other advantages, not only for the consumer himself, but also for society. Let's see some of them:

Advantages of electricity self-consumption

- It results in greater savings in the electricity bill .

- The recurring consumption of these methods will optimize the management of demand both at the private and collective level.

- It is a great support in the energy transition that, among other things, also helps to reduce the CO2 brand of consumers.

- Promotes increased employment in the "green jobs" sector in sustainable companies.

- Its optimal development will evoke an important advance in the electrification of transport and will facilitate change in cities.

Photovoltaic self-consumption

Photovoltaic self-consumption requires the installation of solar panels , since this method of self-consumption is basically powered by solar energy radiation for energy production . The stage of photovoltaic solar energy began in 1954 with the accidental discovery of doped silicon semiconductors which, with certain impurities, were hypersensitive to light; Still, the mass production of solar panels didn't start until the 1990s.

The maximum splendor of this 'novel era' came, mainly, thanks to technological improvements from different areas, such as the space race, and the decrease in prices. The macroeconomics of the sector has made the average cost of electricity generation highly competitive with respect to conventional energy sources in a number of countries that is now exponential. For this reason, solar energy panels have become a common element within the urban and rural panorama worldwide.

The grid connection photovoltaic self-consumption system is composed of:

- Solar panels : a set of cells (photovoltaic cells) that produce electrical energy from the sunlight that falls on them.

- Regulator : in charge of regulating the electrical production and the condition of the batteries to anticipate a possible overload and discharge, and to extend their useful life. In residential installations it is more common to find a monitoring system instead of the regulator .

- Accumulators : energy storage system from batteries that is only needed if you want to accumulate energy to benefit from it in the hours of lower solar energy radiation.

- Inverter : it is an electronic device that transforms the direct current produced by the photovoltaic panel into alternating current.

Why invest in self-consumption?

Today, with the constant increase in the price of electricity , many people are interested in investing in an installation of solar panels for self-consumption, seeking to produce their own renewable energy and reduce their dependence and consumption of the most common sources , expensive and harmful to the environment.

Investing in a self-consumption facility is also investing in a financial product: it generates annual returns that range from 10% to more than 50%. The investment is amortized solar energy  in an average of between 4 and 10 years, from that moment the electricity will be totally free during the rest of the 25 years of useful life of the installation.


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