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Daily operation of the energy system and Battery storage

Thanks to our innovative storage solutions, you get greater grid independence than ever before: The combination of solar power system and battery storage covers up to 80% of a household's needs, depending on of the season. The possibilities of autonomy with solar energy have long been limited. During the day, more electricity than needed was produced, and no private solar power was available at night. With the advent of innovative Jpac Batteries storage solutions, this value can now reach up to 80%, depending on weather conditions. The energy produced during the day is conserved and can be used at any time of the day, and even at night. With a fully charged battery, the system continues to provide private consumption. The surplus energy is shared with the public network. Daily operation of the solar energy system and storage: Morning The energy produced in the solar energy system is used for personal consumption. The surplus energy is stored in the battery. Afternoon With a fully

Restoration of an Art roof on a metal and oak frame

Regarding the roof, the large medieval roof was destroyed and replaced by a flat Italian roof in 1844. The restoration work allowed the restoration of the original roof, higher and more sloping. The various trades were rigorously coordinated: the roofers worked while the teams of carpenters advanced throughout the 80 m of the building.  Amazing Roof Restorations metal frame, with honeycomb beams, made it possible to free up a large interior volume, while accommodating the ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, smoke extraction networks, etc. Screwed onto it, an oak frame creates the anchor points necessary to nail the battens. The liteaunage, in oak, respects the implementation of the time but its installation is delicate: very hard and heavy, the oak twists and splits. Return to the original roof Each part had to be selected and fixed with care. The roof is covered with nearly 110,000 tiles, made for the occasion, in 5 different colors and 2 formats, which allow a some

How to choose your mover?

 Among the many questions raised by a move, choosing the professional who will carry it out is a key step. Knowing this very competitive market, especially with the new offers that are pouring into the Internet, is difficult. Certain guarantees will allow you to make a choice more calmly. THE GUARANTEES TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT First of all, any mover must be listed in the register of road freight transport (RTM) and the trade and company register (RCS). This registration guarantees in particular the legal existence of the company as well as the professional and financial capacities necessary for the exercise of the profession of mover. This prerequisite is a good start, but other quality guarantees will help you choose.  These organizations bring together member companies of which you will be sure that they have a transport license and insurance and are entered in the registers. In addition, in the event of a dispute with the chosen company, they advise you and help you deal with the prob


Knowing the structure and condition of your roof can help prevent problems before they occur. 1. Due to the weather conditions of our country (wind, rain, temperature changes), roof covers are components that needs rigorous maintenance activities. Here are some ways to help protect your roof so it can continue to protect you. Sweep and clean the roofs paying special attention to accessories (gutters, ridges, valleys or joint covers, flashing lights, etc.) in order to avoid accumulations of garbage that cause puddles and leaks. Rigorously inspect the covers for bursts, sags, nails or loose screws. Correct these defects as appropriate, as they can be the cause of leaks. Review and when appropriate restore or condition the gutter seals and other sheet metal elements that require them. Depending on the type of roof and the area where the house is located, it is advisable to paint the roof at least every 2 years for its protection 2. We recommend using a suitable paint for the roof t