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Daily operation of the energy system and Battery storage

Thanks to our innovative storage solutions, you get greater grid independence than ever before: The combination of solar power system and battery storage covers up to 80% of a household's needs, depending on of the season.

The possibilities of autonomy with solar energy have long been limited. During the day, more electricity than needed was produced, and no private solar power was available at night.

With the advent of innovative Jpac Batteries storage solutions, this value can now reach up to 80%, depending on weather conditions. The energy produced during the day is conserved and can be used at any time of the day, and even at night.

With a fully charged battery, the system continues to provide private consumption. The surplus energy is shared with the public network.

Daily operation of the solar energy system and storage:


The energy produced in the solar energy system is used for personal consumption. The surplus energy is stored in the battery.


With a fully charged battery, the system continues to provide private consumption. The surplus energy is shared with the public network.


After sunset, the system supplies the energy stored in the battery for personal consumption.


Even during the night, the system continues to supply the stored energy.

If the battery capacity is insufficient, additional energy can be obtained from the public grid. 

As a supplier of energy solutions, Sharp offers, in addition to its photovoltaic modules (PV modules), battery solutions for various needs in order to ensure the greatest possible independence.

There are two main battery technologies on the market: lithium-ion cells and lead-acid batteries. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Lead-acid batteries are established and commercially proven, but they are very heavy and require a large volume. Lithium-ion cells have greater depth of discharge, better efficiency and lighter weight, which is why they are used in high-end electric cars, for example.

Battery concepts on the market are distinguished first of all by the included components. Depending on the battery concept, they can be ideal additions to existing photovoltaic systems or complete solutions for new installations.

The useful capacity of the battery in kWh indicates the amount of energy that can be obtained from a fully charged battery. Often the nominal (total) capacity is specified as well, but it is usually not possible to fully access it. The difference between these values ​​is the depth of discharge (DOD).

Example: A battery has a storage capacity of 16 kWh with a discharge level of 50%; 8 kWh are thus available (50% of 16 kWh). The battery capacity required for your home depends on the size of your PV system, power consumption, and desired level of energy independence. With the right storage solution, the available capacity can be fully utilized and thus you achieve maximum independence from the network.


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