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Restoration of an Art roof on a metal and oak frame

Regarding the roof, the large medieval roof was destroyed and replaced by a flat Italian roof in 1844. The restoration work allowed the restoration of the original roof, higher and more sloping. The various trades were rigorously coordinated: the roofers worked while the teams of carpenters advanced throughout the 80 m of the building. 

Amazing Roof Restorations metal frame, with honeycomb beams, made it possible to free up a large interior volume, while accommodating the ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, smoke extraction networks, etc. Screwed onto it, an oak frame creates the anchor points necessary to nail the battens. The liteaunage, in oak, respects the implementation of the time but its installation is delicate: very hard and heavy, the oak twists and splits.

Return to the original roof

Each part had to be selected and fixed with care. The roof is covered with nearly 110,000 tiles, made for the occasion, in 5 different colors and 2 formats, which allow a somewhat irregular rendering, both in its line and in its nuances. The roof now houses two auditoriums hosting courses, conferences, cinema sessions and concerts. Combining the ineffable charm of its centuries-old walls with the most advanced technologies, the regained its original vocation in September 2008: a place of research and debate for Church and society, on the question of man and of its future, open to all.

The roof is often a priority when renovating his house. Fortunately, the most common materials (tile, slate or zinc) having a rather long lifespan, we can sometimes replace only what is strictly necessary ... Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before renovating the roof of your house, insulation to replacement of the frame, through the choice of materials, budget and waterproofing.

When is it time to redo your roof ? Should we renovate the frame ? What are the regulations? Which insulation to choose? How to make the roof waterproof? What budget should you plan and which materials to favor? All the answers, and more ...  

The roof restoration newcastle requires respecting regional particularities. Moreover, the authorities require you to do so if you live in an architectural heritage protection zone or within the perimeter of a listed building. And apart from these particular cases, it is the town halls or the DDE which impose the rules of the game, the materials and the colors. 

In principle, you are exempt from any declaration if you redo your roof identically . But be careful, if the roofing material changes, you must submit a prior declaration of work to the town hall. And if you are in a classified area, the approval of historical monuments is necessary. As to building permit, it is required if you raise the roof or change the slope. In addition, the use of an architect is mandatory if the work increases the total living area of ​​the house to 150 m2 or more. 
1. When was the last roof repair?

If the last roof lasted less than expected, the roof may have a design flaw (lack of tilt, overexposure to winds). The consultation of a professional (roofer, architect) can be useful: it will put the finger on the flaws or weaknesses to correct. 

2. Does the blanket need to be renovated as a whole?

Of leaks localized for specific reasons (broken tiles or gutter drilled, for example) do not require major work and are quickly repaired. On the other hand, the presence of foam on the whole of the roof attests to the porosity of the roofing. No treatment is effective in the medium term, replacement is inevitable. Be careful, a new blanket is often heavier than an old one . The frame may not support this additional load! 

3. What is the area of ​​my roof?

An average-sized house has a roof area of ​​approximately 80 m2. Be careful, taking into account the overlaps, such a roof will require at least 100 to 120 m2 of roofing material . 


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