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Knowing the structure and condition of your roof can help prevent problems before they occur.

roofing maintenance

1. Due to the weather conditions of our country (wind, rain, temperature changes), roof covers are components that needs rigorous maintenance activities. Here are some ways to help protect your roof so it can continue to protect you.

  • Sweep and clean the roofs paying special attention to accessories (gutters, ridges, valleys or joint covers, flashing lights, etc.) in order to avoid accumulations of garbage that cause puddles and leaks.
  • Rigorously inspect the covers for bursts, sags, nails or loose screws. Correct these defects as appropriate, as they can be the cause of leaks.
  • Review and when appropriate restore or condition the gutter seals and other sheet metal elements that require them.
  • Depending on the type of roof and the area where the house is located, it is advisable to paint the roof at least every 2 years for its protection

2. We recommend using a suitable paint for the roof that your home has. When painting the roof covers, you must follow the following procedure:

  • Prepare the surface:
  • Wash with water and a suitable detergent for the type of cover.
  • Wash again with water
  • Wait drying before applying the paint
  • Try not to paint in winter. 
  • It is a bad practice to remove the galvanizing with banana vinegar or other liquids and then paint the deck. This practice considerably reduces the useful life of the roof; it is not necessary to wait for the galvanizing to fall to paint it.

Proper attic insulation and ventilation can prevent your roof from warping, lower your energy costs, and lower the humidity in your home. Plus, it prevents snow and ice from melting and freezing again, which can cause water seepage damage to your roof and home.

roof maintenance

Before installing new shingles, ask your roofing contractor to make sure you have a solid roof structure so it won't move or deteriorate.

Be sure to install the proper flashing, primarily around vents and chimneys to help prevent internal water damage.

Keep your gutters free of trash. Make sure your outside edges are lower than the roof slope to allow ice to slide off easily in the event of hail.

Roof repairs and replacements

Signs of an aging roof that might need maintenance include:

  • Arch along the lower edge, particularly during winter.
  • Cracked surface resulting in more cracked tiles.
  • Blisters, which could indicate a factory defect or poor ventilation.

Roof types

Here are some general guidelines to assist you identify the most effective kind of building material for your home.

Asphalt Composition Architectural Shingles

Asphalt composition architectural shingles typically have an extended expectancy than three-layer asphalt composition shingles and are costlier. Look for shingles with impact resistance rated to a UL2218 type three or four, as these provide better protection against hail and may be eligible for the impact resistant roof discount.

Three-Layer Asphalt Composition Shingles

Three-layer asphalt composition shingles are less expensive than asphalt composition architectural shingles and typically have a lower life expectancy. Look for shingles with impact resistance rated to a UL2218 type three or four, as these provide better protection against hail and may be eligible for the impact resistant roof discount.

Metal panels

Metal panels are attractive, lightweight, and have an extended expectancy. They are more expensive than asphalt composition shingles and are extremely prone to dents from hail or other sources. Look for metal roofing products that have passed FM 4473 or UL2218 tests as class three or four; may be eligible for the impact resistant roof discount.

Wooden shingles

Wood shingles are attractive and costlier than asphalt composition shingles. They are especially susceptible to hail damage and are usually prohibited by local fire codes.


Slate is attractive and has a long life expectancy. It is more expensive than asphalt composition shingles.

Rubber board or “imitation” blackboard

This option is less expensive than true slate and has a long life expectancy. Rubber slate is more expensive than asphalt composition shingles.

Roof tiles

Shingle is attractive and has a long life expectancy, but it can only be an option in hot climates. May be eligible for impact resistant roof discount.


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