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Do You Want To Install Real Electric Solution?

Presentation of your Electrician An electrician in New Castle with recognized know-how Real Electrical Solutions is an electrical installation professional with recognized expertise. It is based in New Castle and a member of the electricians selected by Legrand. The Real Electrical Solutions company is able to support you and offer you all kinds of equipment: sockets, switches, circuit breakers, electrical panel, videophone... while respecting the requirements of standard NF C 15-100 which concerns premises. dwelling. Are you looking for an electrician in New Castle or in the surroundings to carry out individual work (apartment, house) or professional (buildings, shops, business offices)? Contact Real Electrical Solutions now to move forward on your electricity project in New Castle. Electrical installers with multiple skills Real Electrical Solutions is an electricity installer recognized by the profession: > regularly using products from the Celiane range and Legrand electrical p

Electrical Solutions For Extreme Conditions and Environments

Your reputation comes first. Maintaining electrical transmission is your main job, your connections must withstand various extreme conditions. One day you may be working on an Real Electrical Solutions installation, on a new residential development, and the next day on an elevator. For this reason, it is essential that your toolbox does not lack insulation tapes designed for fast and long-lasting application. Real Electrical Solutions Insulation Tapes work alone or together in extreme conditions such as: extreme cold and high temperatures, contaminated environments, mechanical protection, humid environments and critical conditions, where failure is not an option. Real Electrical is by your side so you have the right tools to do your job. If you are the third generation of electricians, chances are your grandfather used Scotch Super 33+ vinyl electrical tape . Seven decades have passed and Scotch Super 33+ vinyl electrical tape is now the standard in terms of strength. As the demands f

Qualities of a Professional Electrician

Having a professional electrician is essential to ensure proper operation of daily electricity. Either carrying out general repairs, doing electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community or carrying out electrical projects . What services does a professional electrician perform? The services offered by a true professional electrician are very varied since they are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical services in general. They take care of the lighting, electricity and heating, which is not small. Of course, a decent professional electrician should always be certified with regard to their skills. If you need to repair an outlet, the professional electrician will be there. If you want to increase or decrease the contracted power, it will also be. In addition to these services, a professional electrician must know how to repair electrical panels or cabinets, install a TV antenna or change an old installation for a modern one, among many other tasks. The importa