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Your Pink Diamond Buying Guide

When choosing a colored diamond, there is a lot to consider, from the color itself to whether it has been treated or natural. You also have to consider supply and demand. When it comes to pink diamonds, they are considered one of the rarest and highly sought after diamonds, especially since they are used in engagement rings. This makes them an emotional purchase. Pink diamonds are also used in other settings such as earrings and necklaces, but they do not have the same impact as a pink diamond engagement ring.

pink diamonds


Diamond classification by the GIA

In white or colorless diamonds, the GIA or Gemological Institute of America, grades that is based on the carat, cut, clarity and color of the diamond. For colored diamonds, they base their prices on the depth of the color. An elegant pink diamond will cost less than a vivid pink one. While there is no formula to determine how much more it would cost, the intensity of the color is the most important factor in determining the value of colored diamonds. Contact Pink Diamond Investments, to learn more.

Scale of colors

Pink diamond costs start low with subdued diamonds and increase in price through Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid. Costs will keep increasing depending on some factors like weight, cut, and the secondary colors, except for most part, subdued pink diamonds can cost much than fancy vivid pink diamonds. For example, this 0.26 carat hot pink diamond from Blue Nile ...

… It's roughly the same price as this 0.43-carat Deep Pink Purplish Pink Diamond, which is available on Amazon.

The pure pink of the primary diamond raises the value considerably.

The color grading system represents the color depth and saturation of the diamond. Soft pink diamonds will have a very light pink tint, while at the other end of the spectrum, Fancy Vivid pink diamonds will be a rich, saturated pink. It provides a price scale, as well as for the customer to choose the color saturation they want.

  • Faint
  • Very light
  • Light
  • Elegant light
  • Elegant
  • Dark fantasy
  • Deep fantasy
  • Intense fantasy
  • Vivid fantasy
  • Weight and cut

While the intensity of the diamond color accounts for 90% of the price, the weight and cut of the colored diamond also play a role. If you have one 1-carat pink diamond and two 0.5-carat diamonds, the 1-carat one will cost more as the mass weighs more. When it comes to cutting, colored diamonds are cut to enhance color, not clarity like white diamonds.

pink diamond investment

Rare secondary colors

Another factor in price, and one of the most important factors, is the secondary colors of the diamond. For pink diamonds, a pinkish brown one will cost more than a normal brown diamond. A brownish pink diamond will also cost more than a pinkish brown one. The first color on the list is the secondary color or tint of the diamond. A brownish pink diamond could be a pink diamond with a brown tint. The secondary color listed is the dominant color and has the biggest impact on price.

Natural vs treated

When the pink diamonds are formed on Earth, they were subjected to an intense heat, causing them to absorb rays of green light. This gives them their reflective pink hue. Treated diamonds are those that are subjected to HPHT or high temperature or high pressure irradiation. These treatments are typically done on brown diamonds, which are the cheapest of the diamond colors. After being treated, the diamonds will have a different color.

GIA Certification

It is important that the purchased diamond has a GIA certificate to authenticate the method of creation and treatment of the stone, if any. A natural stone that has been treated will include the treatment method in the report. For example, one that has been irradiated will include it in the report. It will also have the carat weight, color grade, color distribution, and color origin.

Affordable pink diamonds

If you are trying to save money on a pink diamond, you can use the above knowledge to your advantage. Pink diamonds with an orange or purple hue can be as stunningly beautiful as a pure pink diamond.

buying pink diamonds guide

A soft pink diamond will be less expensive than an elegant bright pink, but can be enhanced with its setting. The color of a Fancy deep purple pink diamond can be enhanced with a rose gold setting.

You can also buy a smaller carat diamond and surround it with a circle of small pink or white diamonds to create a more striking piece of jewelry.

Each pink diamond is unique. The intensity, cut, carats, and color tone will have an impact on the price of the pink diamond. You will have to decide if you want a small hot pink diamond or a larger soft pink diamond. Each one will be a romantic and beautiful jewel.

The options will be based on your budget considerations and the occasion of the purchase. There is no correct answer or formula that can be applied to the purchase of a pink diamond. The cost varies between the seller and the other factors mentioned.


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