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Cabin rental, a new model of vacation apartment at your fingertips!

The rental of cabins as a holiday apartment is a new form of accommodation that increasingly attracts a greater number of people. With a growth of the most powerful, the tourist rentals intend to take the lead to the hotels in this year that we have just released and thus increase the profits of their owners. With such data, keeping an eye on the options that become frequent is a way of betting on our business.

Away from the city and sheltered for those couples or groups of friends who want to be calm, the cabins are presented as a way to disconnect and feel nature as we have never valued it before. For a vacation or relaxing time as a guest is fine, but what are our obligations as an owner? This 2021, when a flood of tourists looking for calm is expected, you should consider certain options.

cabins accommodation

What should I know about renting cabins as an owner?

Although you can confuse them with the famous country houses, the rental of cabins is very different when we talk about those steps that we must follow so that everything is under control. If you are already in this business but want to try something new, perhaps this is the opportunity you have been waiting for a long time. With very little related offer, maybe you have the perfect initiative to usher in the next boom. Here are some tips:

Location of the cabin

The place where the cabin is located is the first step we have to take to get into this adventure. They are generally located in forests, grasslands, or mountain areas. On the sidelines it is also important to know the situation of the property and it will not be the same to invest in an empty lot where you want to build an old accommodation that has already done everything.

Cabin type

The cabins can be of many different forms. Tree houses have been gaining quite a bit of fame thanks to American television shows but we can also settle for a small lodge on the outskirts of town or close to town. On the other hand, the material with which it is made is also important for the billing or price that we are going to charge. Do you want it made of wood or do you prefer it made of stone?

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Investment calculation

Knowing how much money we are willing to spend on accommodation is another thing that we must take into account when we think as owners. The cabin rental is, in this sense, like any other tourist apartment of those that you have at your disposal. Depending on the conditions in which the space is, you will have to tighten the belt more or less. How much is your maximum?

Cabin licenses

As with apartments, cabins also need your license to operate. Although the process can be very simple, depending on the area in which you have the accommodation you can find some requirements or others and that each city council has its own rules. Getting in touch with your local one is a way to find out what you need before you start.

Accommodation business plan

Whenever we get into an investment we must make a business plan so that everything goes exactly as we had programmed in our head. Maybe thinking we will come up but seeing reality and doing numbers on it is what we need when it is our money that is at stake. Cabin rental is a good business asset, but we still have to look at what quantities we have available and what are the benefits we expect with it if we go ahead. Do you know the importance of starting here?

Attraction Marketing

It is useless to rent cabins if we do not have people who are interested in them. Making yourself known in the media in order to get reservations is one of the tasks that you must take into account when you have gotten into this business model. For this, attraction marketing is one of the best inventions that you can have around and it is that, thanks to the strategies that we develop for it, we will be gaining or losing opportunities.

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Services we offer

As we do with tourist apartments, in the cabins we must also make it clear what services we are going to offer the guest. From the bathtub to the cable television are details that we must value since not all accommodations will have the same. Being clear on this point is what differentiates us from those rooms that nobody knows about.

Cabin name

Although this section could have entered attraction marketing, the truth is that the name of the cabin is the one by which everyone who comes to the ad will know you. As a firm or brand of your company, our recommendation is that you look for something that you like, that has a spark or at least remains engraved on the retina of the person who is reading his available days. Do you already have one in mind?

Accommodation website

We know that there are many portals from which we can promote the rental of cabins but nothing like a web page where you can talk openly about the project and all the illusions that you put into it. Like tourist apartments, it is always good to have a personal space in which, without any limit, we are ourselves and highlight the accommodation.

The Retreat Port Stephens, a leading company in the management of vacation homes, can be a good place to place that cabin in which you have invested, especially because you will reach a much larger volume of people and, for the beginnings that take care of you, it will be quite useful for to the immediate and future reserves that we need so much to excel in this volatile business. Do you dare to rent cabins? Contact or book your holiday vacation with us at The Retreat Port Stephens today!


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